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We perform a full service in cleaning mud basins, from sludge extraction with no need for downtime, through sludge dehydration, to removing the dry material and resulting water. For this, at SERECO GESTIÓN, we have a highly qualified team and specialised equipment: filter presses, centrifuges, mixing and decanting installations, steam cauldrons, etc., all of which are mobile and available both national and internationally, to meet any need.

Interventions performed with mobile plants:

  • 1Eliminate the risks produced by residue transportation .
  • 2Reduce the treatment costs and execution times, since there are not loading and unloading downtimes.
  • 3Minimise the amounts of residue to treat, and thus
  • 4Increase security, by making the entrance of people into the basins, and extract the mud using an autonomous mud extraction machine, run by control remote.

We are leaders in the filtration with filter press. We have mobile plants, which can be transported by road, and are fully equipped, with treatment capacities of between 30 m3/day and 300 m3/day, which enable the desiccation and minimisation of residue from a large range of production sectors (chemical, petrochemical, residual and drinking water, biochemical, nuclear, perforation sludge, mining products, etc.).

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