MULTISER GROUP offers you Solutions, Services and Products for the following sectors: Power, Industry, Petrochemical, Paper industry, Oil & Gas, etc. We work and collaborate as a team with companies of high technological level, leaders in their specialties.



FRANKE-Filter: Oil mist separators, replacement filters and cartridges

Cruz & Cruz: Bi-part antifriction bearings.

TM Telleria: Impellers, vanes, and other spare parts.

Grúas Jaso: Bridge cranes.




Hydro NG Alcudia: is a global company of professionals with extensive experience and high qualifications carrying out tests, studies and incident resolution for hydroelectric power plants.

Sedicon: Sediment dredging solutions and desanders.

Sereco: Treatment and filtering of contaminated sediments.

  • Experience

    More than 15 years of experience offering alternatives and solutions to the needs of our clients.


  • Offer

    Wide range of products and services:

    Equipment, spare parts and components for hydroelectric plants, cogeneration, combined cycle plants, refineries, paper, gas industry and others. 

  • Presence

    We are present and have local services in Europe and Latin American countries.

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