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HYDRO NG ALCUDIA is a global company of professionals with extensive experience and high qualifications carrying out tests, studies and incident resolution for hydroelectric power plants. It specializes in operation improvement, main equipment breakdown minimization, contractual guarantees verification and energy production optimization.

Efficiency tests and studies:

  • Hydraulic turbine and pump efficiency (IEC 60041, IEC 62006, ISO 5198 and ASME PTC18).

  • Generator efficiency using calorimetric method (IEC 60034 and IEEE 115).

  • Penstock efficiency, hydraulic losses and turbine deterioration (IEC 60041:1991).

  • Measurement of the net electrical capacity of large hydroelectric power plants.

  • Studies of repowering, improvement and optimization of operation in hydroelectric power plants.

  • “Technical Due Diligence” in CCHH transmission processes.

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