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SediCon is an experienced and reliable supplier of solutions for sediment management. With in-depth knowledge and proprietary technology, SediCon can increase the storage capacity of reservoirs, reduce the wear on turbines, and increase the production of a hydroelectric power plant. Sediment extraction is controlled in an environmentally friendly way, with no need to use external energy.

SediCon’s headquarters are located in Trondheim, Norway. In cases where it is considered appropriate, the company works with local partners as representatives. Projects in Norway, Japan, Honduras, Nepal, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and a great number of offshore projects around the world verify functionality under any condition.

Complete solutions for sediment management. SediCon provides complete solutions for sediment management from the beginning to the end of the project, including:

  • Studies

  • Desing

  • Equipment

  • Operation

SediCon technology guarantees cost efficiency, high reliability and low water consumption.

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