MULTISER GROUP offers you a wide variety of high range products:

  • FRANKE-Filter. Oil mist separators for oil lubrication systems of rotating machines: hydraulic turbines, gas, steam, motors, compressors, gears, multipliers and reducers. We supply original replacement filters and cartridges for FRANKE-Filter oil mist separators.
  • CRUZ & CRUZ. Manufacturing and repair of axial and radial anti-friction bipartite bearings (Babbitt).
  • T.M. TELLERIA. Turbine components: Francis runners, Pelton runners, Kaplan blades, shovelheads and buckets, guide vanes and auxiliary components.
  • GRUAS JASO. Bridge cranes and gantry cranes with an elevation capacity of up to 400 tonnes.

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We work with

  • Specialists in the design and manufacture of the Oil Mist Separator, tailor-made. The separator is applied to the entire oil lubrication system of rotating machines (turbines, motors, compressors, gears).

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  • cruz & cruz


    Specialized in manufacture and repair of axial and radial bearings with antifriction metal contribution (BABBIT).

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  • Gruas Jaso Logo

    Manufacture of Bridge Cranes and Gantry Cranes for the Hydroelectric Sector with lifting capacity up to 400 Tons (We manufacture custom cranes).

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  • TM Telleria Logo


    Manufacturing of turbine components for the hydroelectric sector: Pelton runners, Francis runners, Kaplan blades, Wicket gates, Hubs, Hoods, Nozzles, Propellers, Lever, Cranks, Labyrinths, Rings and other spare parts.

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